• If you are looking for a positive, energetic, and totally Professional Real Estate Representative that can provide you with any information and assistance you may need, I have a couple to recommend.

    Nancy Saedi and Katy Torabi offered me a creative marketing plan which is seldom successful in this area! My property had been on the market for quite a while when they contacted me and they were able to convince me that they could sell the property quickly.
    I was amazed at how quickly they staged the grounds to make the property more attractive. They began to hold open houses and to my pleasant surprise they found a buyer who was interested in renovating the property.

    Quickly, with their guidance, we came to terms with the buyer and finalized the sale.
    I am happy to have this opportunity to recommend them to anyone who is planning to buy or sell property.

    Minaz Panjani
    8 Park Lane Circle
    Toronto, Ontario

    Positive, energetic, and totally professional
  • From the first day we met Nancy Saedi and Katy Torabi we had complete trust in their professional ability their positive attitude, their enthusiasm and market knowledge to complete the sale of our hour. Their personalities and their track record convinced us to give them the listing!

    They were forthright in advising us what they would do to execute a unique marketing plan for our house and they gave us details of each step of the plan.
    They professionally staged the house to make it more generic attractive!

    We would not hesitate to recommend Nancy and Katy to our family and friends to handle any property transactions they may have!

    Original signed March 25, 2013


    Kam & Suet Chiu
    8 Forest Heights Blvd.
    Toronto, Ontario

    From the first day…
  • We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to recommend Nancy and Katy Torabi to anyone that may be looking for a totally committed professional team to prepare and execute a unique marketing plan for the sale of their property.

    From the first time that we met they impressed us with their professionalism, their knowledge of the real estate market and their enthusiasm and positive attitude.

    The quickly prepared a unique marketing strategy for our house and took the time to make sure that we understood exactly what they intended to do in executing the plan.

    Quickly their team professionally staged the house and prepared it to be more attractive to the prospective buyer!
    They held frequent open houses to provide maximum exposure to the public!

    We are happy to recommend Nancy and Katy to anyone that might be planning to sell or buy property.

    Original signed March 12, 2013

    Benny & Teresa Ng
    54 Berkindale Drive
    Toronto, Ontario

    Totally committed
  • In Toronto there are many brokerages and real estate agents that constantly bombard the area with boring brochures, schemes, calls, half -truths and sometimes outright lies!

    Nancy Saedi and Katy Torabi were like a breath of fresh air in their unique approach to working with a client to successfully market their property! They were confident and straight forward in making certain that I understood and agreed with their unique marketing strategy.

    Their team quickly professionally staged and de-cluttered our house to make it more attractive.
    The home sold in 4 days from the listing date!

    They were always by our side during the negotiations and the crucial period until the sale was finished.

    I am happy to be able to recommend Nancy and Katy to anyone planning to sell or buy property in the Toronto area!

    Original signed March 28, 2013

    Lawrie Lipton
    82 Berkindale Drive
    Toronto, Ontario

    A breath of fresh air
  • Dear Nancy and Katy:

    Thank you for representing us in the sale of our house!

    Your knowledge and professional approach made a potentially stressful process very easy to manage!

    We were delighted that our house sold within 2 weeks of the listing and for the full asking price, however, what impressed us was your guidance through the entire process while being sensitive to our wishes! You gave us the information that we needed but allowed us to make the final decisions and then you executed the plan flawlessly.

    You are an excellent team! Nancys energy and Katys steadfast attention to detail was much appreciated!

    You can be sure of referrals to family and friends.

    Vasken and Arpi
    160 Hollywood Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario

    Sensitive to our wishes
  • We really appreciate this opportunity to recommend Nancy Saedi and Katy Torabi for the outstanding job they did in helping us sell our house!

    At our first meeting, they impressed us with their positive attitude, their energetic and optimistic vision, and their knowledge of the real estate market! They quickly prepared and shared with us their unique strategic marketing plan for our house!

    At the first (and only) open house, the house was sold in only 4 days from the listing!

    They never left our side until the sale was finally successfully completed. We found Nancy and Katy reliable, warm and easy to work with as well as kind and helpful in all our dealings.

    We gladly recommend Nancy and Katy to anyone who has property for sale for planning to buy and desires the best price in the shortest time!


    Marlene & Robert von der Porten
    24A York Ridge Road
    Toronto, Ontario

    Outstanding job
  • I firmly believe that it is absolutely essential to be straight forward and have a strategic plan to be successful in any business venture.

    My convictions were again validated when I met with Nancy Saedi and Katy Torabi for the first time! Their incredible enthusiasm and forthright presentation of their unique strategic plan for the marketing of my property convinced me that they were the right agents that I needed to deal with!

    They immediately proceeded with the staging of the house and having their photographer make the photo shoot for the property required for the marketing process.

    As a result of their supreme efforts my property was marketed and sold in record time!

    I am happy to recommend these ladies unconditionally to anyone wishing to deal with real professionals in the handling of the property issues.

    Their documented sales success speaks for itself!

    Incredible Enthusiasm
  • To Whom it May Concern,

    We are very happy to recommend to anyone seeking a professional team to prepare an promote their property for sale!

    That team is led by Nancy Saedi and Katy Torabi who, from our initial contact with them, impressed us with their professionalism, market knowledge, and enthusiasm.

    Our house had been on the market for some time with no success!

    Immediately after we listed with these two, we were astounded at the speed with which they diligently proceeded with their preparations for the sale. They began to bring international clients and the offers began.

    We are happy to say that our property sold in a timely manner!

    These ladies have made a favorable indelible impression on us and we can recommend them without reservations to anyone, since they have proven to us that they can producs the results that they promise!

    Favorable Indelible Impression
  • Katy & Nancy, we appreciate you for the great job did for us during the worst market situations. Please note that we understand the value of your performance and we know you are different from others. We hope for a lifetime of co-operation between you and ourselves.

    Flora & Ali