Selling Cost Calculator

Real Estate Calculator House Selling Costs There are a lot of fees and costs associated with selling a home or property, and they are charged at different times in the selling process. You have to keep in mind that these fees can really pile up, so it’s important to know right from the beginning just how much you should be paying. There’s a lot more to selling property than just real estate agent commission fees, so make sure you’re on top of each of these costs of selling and know where you can be saving money. Below you will find our costs of selling calculator, which will assist you in estimating just how much selling your property could be.

Agent & Marketing Fees

Estimate of property sale price
Agent Commission Percentage (%)
Costs of advertising (your agent may include this in their commission)
Price to hire an auctioneer

Legal Fees

Legal assistance costs
Bank fee to close mortgage

Moving and Other Fees

Removalist and transport fees
Renovations, repairs, or staging fees
Property Selling Cost$15,100.00